Precepts For Living - The International Uniform Lessons


Sunday - 9AM Sunday School, 11AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 7PM Prayer Meeting

Small-Group Sunday School Classes 

Class 2: Diane Johnson & Noble Jackson - Instructors     

 Class 3 - Doreen Willams & Janet Newby - Instructors                         

Class 4 - Cheryl Pickett & Michele Purvey - Instructors            

Class 5 - James Olden & Sonya London & Marlon James - Instructors   

Class 7 - Willa Olden & Carletta Magness - Instructors

You will automatically be placed in the room you enrolled for when you connect to Zoom. The general class will remain.

The weekly Sunday School Lesson text can be found by clicking on this link.

To register for a small group class, please complete the online form below by Wednesday @ 6pm. (Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.) For immediate assistance, please call 4054242186.